0001  Estancia Hotel Wedding Photos

Here are some of our favorite images from this gorgeous garden wedding at the Estancia Hotel and Spa.  Jaime and Jared were glowing, and the day before brought just enough rain to saturate the greens in the trees and the terra cotta tiles at Estancia.  This made for some perfect conditions for us, which is especially lucky, since the lighting was also epic for their engagement session in La Jolla and at Scripps Pier.  What a gorgeous day for a wedding.  We feel so fortunate to have been there to document the start of Jaime and Jared’s life together.0002  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJaime is just as beautiful as a person as she is as a bride.0003  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJared looking like a million dollars. He’s also got a heart of gold.  Love this portrait of him.0004  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJaime’s vows.0005  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosPortrait of Jaime before the ceremony.0006  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosThe guys looking dapper.0007  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosThe sweet flower girl.0008  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJaime’s ‘first look’ with her father.0009  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJared seeing his bride for the first time, as she walks down the aisle.0010  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosPaparazzi.0011  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosSuch a lovely setting for a ceremony.0012  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJaime’s look says it all.0013  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosThe knot is tied.0014  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosTime to celebrate.0015  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosJaime and Jared on the balcony overlooking the gardens.0016  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosMuch dancing was had at this reception. 0017  Estancia Hotel Wedding PhotosSnapshot Studios, our open air photo booth was a huge hit.  The image below is one of our favorites.0018  Estancia Hotel Wedding Photos

Everyone who worked on this wedding was top notch.  Great team!

Venue  |  Estancia La Jolla

Coordination  |  Kettle Steam Events

Makeup  |  The Hair and Makeup Box 

Hair  |  Grissel Esparza

Florist  |  Penny Blooms Floral and Event Design

Musician  |   Andy Mauser Music

DJ  |  Hit It Music

Bakery  |  Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

Open Air Photo Booth  |  Snapshot Studios

Chair Rentals  |  Chiavari Chairs 4 Rent

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  • Jaime - There are too many amazing photos to choose just one!!! I think though the one in the photo booth with the wind blowing is my favorite!! Guests are still talking about how much fun they had in the photo booth.May 24, 2015 – 8:17 pm

  • Sherryl Humpert - Amazing photos but I had a feeling they would be just by the way you became a part of the wedding party as you took photos. It seemed effortles and relaxed. These photos definitely set a high standard but then, just look at the wonderful subjects you had in Jared and Jaime!May 26, 2015 – 2:01 pm

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  • Jared - Love all the photos! It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I really enjoyed seeing how you captured all the emotions and all the details from the day. Thank you both for doing such an amazing job.May 27, 2015 – 3:57 am

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    Auntie KKMay 27, 2015 – 11:18 pm

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0001  Balboa Park Engagement Photos Had a blast exploring Balboa Park with Melissa and Matt.  Enjoy some fun images from our afternoon in the park with this sweet, fun-loving couple!0002  Balboa Park Engagement PhotosI just love the way that the light is falling on Melissa face… and her gaze.0003  Balboa Park Engagement PhotosSapphires and Diamonds.  Such a beautiful ring.0004  Balboa Park Engagement PhotosTree roots.0005  Balboa Park Engagement PhotosEveryone has their own unique way that they hold hands. (I actually never realized this until I started photographing couples).  Melissa and Matt hold each other’s pinkies.  Love it.0006  Balboa Park Engagement Photos0007  Balboa Park Engagement Photos


0001 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic

Since Maren and Alfredo fell in love while working together at Roma Market, their family Italian Market/Restaurant in Escondido, it was the perfect scene for us to tell their story.  They spent many a night tossing pizza doughs together and keeping their happy customers happy.  But this night was a little different because they got to enjoy the very things they are always making sure their customers are enjoying. So, in true Italian form, this shoot was about enjoying food together, as you will see below.  You’ll also see that the shoot ended with a little stroll through the beautiful Elfin Forest before the sun went down.

We hope these images make you smile and hum, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” And if you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you go to Roma and try their cannoli. Alfredo’s Grandma’s recipe is hand’s down the best cannoli I’ve ever had!

0002 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0003 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0004 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0005 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0006 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0007 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0008 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0009 San Diego Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic

  • Codi Greene - Absolutely LOVE these!! Amazing job capturing their love story and the genuine love they share. If I had to pick one my favorite would be the 3rd one up from the bottom of the two with Maren glancing over…. Marens face = happiness!May 6, 2015 – 8:36 pm

  • Vena Impala - Your photos are wonderful! I think you captured the subject’s personalities and joy for each other. My favorite is where he kisses her on the forehead. Can’t wait to see all your photos of the couple.May 7, 2015 – 2:30 am

What an incredible day!  The weather, the location, the people, the music, the food, the team of vendors, the sunset… everything was amazing!  Congrats to Jenan and Roland on your beautiful wedding day.  Here are some of our favorites from the day.Amazing dress.Beautiful bride.

bridal portraits


Groom portraits

Finishing touches.

groomsmen at scripps
Roland and the guys.0008Scripps Institution of Oceanography flasks add a touch of class to any event.First look.0010Roland’s mom ‘giving away’ her son.  So sweet.Exchanging the rings.Party time.The reception was kicked off by a traditional Palestinian dance with Jenan and Roland and their families. This was the general vibe of the day.First dance.The custom surfboard signed by the guests.  “May you find the perfect wave and ride it together – always.” Love this!Sunset over Scripps.

Venue  |  Martin Johnson House

Coordination  |  Swann Soirees

Hair and Makeup  |  Mei-Li Rocket

Catering  |  Coast Catering

Live Music  |  Caprice Strings

DJ  |  Glasz Productions

Flowers  |  TessFresh Flowers

  • Jenan - I love all of these. But I think my favorite is the one showing the reactions of our friends and family members at the end of our first dance! Thank you! I can’t wait to look at all the rest!April 21, 2015 – 8:47 pm

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    The best of luck and loads of love for the two of you.

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    all stuations.May 4, 2015 – 6:51 am

0001 Little Italy Enagagement SessionWhat a colorful and energetic set of images we were able to get on this shoot around Little Italy with Raiza and Jordan.  We started over by El Camino, which offered us some really fun scenes to play around in. And after exploring a few of the neighboring streets and buildings, we headed downtown to the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge to watch the sunset.  Next, we ventured into the Gaslamp Quarter for some night shots. Raiza and Jordan were so easy to work with…this felt more like play than work!  Can’t wait for their wedding, which we know will be just as colorful and fun as this shoot was.0002 Little Italy Enagagement Session0003 Little Italy Enagagement Session0004 Little Italy Enagagement Session0005 Little Italy Enagagement Session0006 Little Italy Enagagement Session0007 Little Italy Enagagement Session0008 Little Italy Enagagement Session0009 Little Italy Enagagement Session0010 Little Italy Enagagement Session0011 Little Italy Enagagement Session0012 Little Italy Enagagement Session0013 Little Italy Enagagement Session