Jan 20, 2014

  Last week, we were hanging out in our neighborhood at dusk. Dylan was riding his bike (a skill he acquired a few months ago that was recently endorsed by Santa, who brought him a new bike).  Rick and I were running alongside Dylan when I saw this scene unfold as Rick helped Dylan up […]

Jun 21, 2012

While we were taking photos of Natalie and Rob after their ceremony, this stranger approached them and started singing Ave Maria.  He had an incredible voice, and the acoustics in the corridor at Balboa Park were amazing. But, what makes it even more incredible is that he had no idea that this was the song […]

Apr 10, 2011


Apr 3, 2011

One of the greatest things about having a child is watching them discover things for the first time… yesterday, Dylan held a caterpillar for the first time.  The best part was watching him gently return the caterpillar to his home 🙂

Jan 13, 2011

One of my most favorite things about having a child is that you get to experience the world again as if you were a child. Each experience is new, pure and exciting.  Children don’t take things for granted the way that adults sometimes do.  Every time our little guy takes a bath, you would think […]