Giving Back

Our Values:

Social Responsibility:
Our photography has led us to document a variety of social issues and we feel a strong responsibility to support social programs that improve communities and our environment. In the past few years, we have contributed our services to numerous fundraisers, and made donations to a variety charitable organizations. We also have been taking the initiative to run our business in an Eco-conscious manner, utilizing recycled materials for packaging and making contributions to environmental organizations.

We are proud of our continued involvement over the past 5 years in Museum, College, and Non-Profit educational programs that teach children and adults photography. We are also developing a photo workshop for other photographers (professionals and enthusiasts alike). Just contact us for more information.

Giving Back:
We have witnessed various types of poverty and environmental degradation while outside and across the U.S., so we feel a strong responsibility to support and be involved with sustainable social programs.

.Art = Change.
(The Museum of Photographic Arts) offers some great education programs that we have had the honor to be involved in. Through MoPA, Bernadette teaches kids involved in these programs learn techniques to improve their visual literacy skills and explore the medium of photography.

Along the same lines,
AjA Project works with youth affected by war and displacement. Kids involved in these programs develop photography and writing skills as a means of self expression and empowerment. The AjA Project has created numerous public art displays. Bernadette has taught photography and developed curriculum for these programs.

.Empowering Entrepreneurs.
We are also been involved with
Kiva. Kiva is a really cool organization that allows us to make small loans to entrepreneurs in various parts of the world. They have loaned over 70 million dollars through more than 480,000 lenders with a 98% repayment rate. We do not make a profit on the loans – It’s a powerful and sustainable way to empower someone to lift themselves out of poverty. In fact we have recently helped out a wedding photographer in Vietnam! You can even set up a wedding registry through Kiva.

.Providing Basic Needs. We have been involved in creating public art displays that raise money and awareness. Also, the
UN Foundation is a great organization that addresses a variety of issues including climate and energy, to children’s health, to sustainable development, technology, clean drinking water.