our approach

Photography is a way to honor, create, record, and relive life.


Documentary in that we get to know our subjects so that we can create images that reveal something authentic about who they are.
Narrative in that we seek to create single images that imply a narrative and series of photos that create a visual story.
Journalism in the way that we shoot…perspective is huge in our composition and so is a non-obtrusive approach.

[Committed] We couldn’t think of a more awesome job than to be given the opportunity to witness and record moments that are most special in peoples’ lives. Therefore, we take our job very seriously.  It is really important to us that we provide artful and creative imagery that honors the moments that make your life so meaningful, and we will work very hard to ensure that the photos we create reflect that.

[Relaxed] The process is just as important as the product, and it’s imperative that the process is fun.  We work in a relaxed style, creating a space for you to feel at ease so that you can just have fun. During the shoot expect to relax, have fun, and be yourself. We’ll do the rest.

[Different] We love shooting in new places. Even when we photograph in the same location several times, no two shoots are the same – because no two people are exactly the same. There is no formula. We always try to reveal something different about our subjects by finding new ways to work with light, space and expression. This way, our work is always evolving and our job is always fun.

[Grounded] We both have degrees in photography and our work is grounded in the tradition of photojournalism,  an approach to photography that we respect and love.  The craft of darkroom development and the photographers we studied in our history of photography courses have greatly influenced us and serve as the backbone and inspiration for our own work.  Our work is contemporary but not trendy. We want your photos to be just as appealing in 20 [or 60] years from now as they were when they were created.

[Authentic] Each couple and every moment is unique. As photographers, our role is to offer you creative, fun, and honest photos that accentuate the qualities that make you – you. It is our intention to provide authentic images that are derived from real moments, and in this light, we feel photography allows us to translate life into art. When you look at your photos, we want you to see nothing other than who you are, reflected back to you.