San Diego based Bestination Wedding photographer

A little about Rick:

I was first introduced to photojournalism through my friend’s father who has spent years photographing local and international news stories. His work and perspective inspired me to study photography and sociology. Studying sociology has offered me perspective, and photography allows me to share it. I approach wedding photography like a photojournalist – capturing moments as they unfold naturally and seeking new perspectives from which to tell the story.
I am originally from the East Coast where I was raised within a community filled with some incredibly unique and special people. I see our business and photography as a way to continue to meet interesting people, build relationships, learn, and convey ideas, concepts, and emotion. Photography allows for creative, as well as honest story telling. I enjoy being involved in a couple charitable organizations and finding ways to do what I can to help through our business.

A little more:

After earning degrees in photography and sociology from Ithaca College I recently received a Masters degree in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The social sciences have taught me a lot about people and society, while offering a variety of perspectives from which I can explore and tell a story.  My main interest in photography grows from wanting to document people’s lives.

When I am not working:

I am probably hanging out with my 6 year old son Dylan. Otherwise, the weather is so nice out here that I spend plenty of time hiking, or trying to harvest all the fruit from our trees, and reading. I also really enjoy teaching classes and food. (The fresh local variety)   : – )