Elissa + Jaremy | Balboa Park

Feb 22, 2013

Some sweet moments from our recent shoot in the park with Elissa and Jaremy.  We absolutely adore these guys! They’ve got great chemistry and radiate with love for each other. When they look at each other, it’s kind of magical to witness.  They are sweet animal lovers that also love to run, do yoga, and explore the world together. Most importantly, they believe in making the world a better place and are making it happen through their work and volunteerism.  And, they’ve got some moves! Can’t wait to see their first dance at the wedding!  In fact, we can’t wait for the wedding, period.



  1. These Picture are so wonderful.You captured there love for each it so beautiful.I WAS There

  2. Eileen Conlon says:

    You look amazing and happy as can be in these photos! My favorite is the one of him swinging you around. There is absolutely joy on your face. Although it’s a very very tight race with the two of you resting your head on the fallen tree. For being a staged picture it looks so very natural and lovely, and it has a tree involved so my hippy environmental self loves it right there!

  3. Amelia Oxman says:

    I love all these photos! Elissa and Jaremy, you guys look so happy! And Narrative, once again you captured everything so perfectly! I love the hand stand photo because it captures your personalities, I love the black and white of the two of you on the log….and well i love them all!

  4. Margaret Wimbs says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I LOVE the first one with the street car whizzing by in the background. Close second would be the 2nd from the last with you laying in the grass with your heads on the log.

  5. Erin says:

    That handstand picture couldn’t be more perfectly representative!! The yoga instructor/officiant will be so proud!!

  6. Julie contini says:

    I spouse if I HAD to pick, I’d go w the one E is getting swung around…you look sooo happy…gotta love it. 2nd place would go to the handstands…just cuz you don’t see that too often…it’s fun…just like y’all are =;)

  7. Betsy Miller says:

    These are beautiful! I love the one of Jeremy picking up Elissa – the joy on her face is priceless! And of course I love the corgi pictures 🙂

  8. Tricia Siladi says:

    I love how natural you guys look in all of the photos. I especially like the head stand photo!!


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