Tara + Matt | Central Park

Jan 22, 2012

We are so excited to share these images from a recent shoot in Central Park! It was so fun to shoot in a new setting. Central Park had so much eye candy for us San Diegans to get stoked about! There’s just something about being in New York at Christmas time that is so classic and romantic.  It’s also really….COLD. But we wore some fingerless gloves and embraced it! And so did Tara and Matt, which made for an awesome shoot.  I love the way Tara’s red dress and Matt’s dark suit pop with such boldness against the grey New York scenes.  It was so amazing to shoot in this beautiful tunnel (below) while opera singers (surely Julliard students) and violin players serenaded us with the incredible acoustics.  And it was pretty fun to stumble upon a bubble maker, too! Never a dull day in this park, not even in the COLD of winter.  Tara and Matt were so wonderful to work with. I should add that Matt proposed in the park, too!  We CANNOT wait for their San Diego wedding! It will be so fun to juxtapose these images with the beach images from their So Cal wedding! Please note that this image never saw Photoshop. The bubble just happened to break right around Tara and Matt!Lovers.Look at those gorgeous legs, Tara! And this scene is just amazing…very European.This image is all about the red dress (and the gesture and expressions, too) 🙂

I love the way the light hits her leg and their hands. Beautiful.That dress against the dark mossy wall…Love!The branches growing down over the bridge are pretty cool.I like the stillness of this image.And the motion here 🙂Dusk.


  1. Matt Cooney says:

    My favorite is the very first picture with the city in the background.

  2. Amy Anton says:

    Wow! I love these, Tara! My favorite is the one where you only see your lower halves and the word “lovers” in the lower left corner. So creative.

  3. Felicia says:

    Gorgeous photos! My absolute fav is the first photo of Tara and Matt with NYC lights in the background!

  4. Hilary says:

    LOVE these! I am biased towards the one with you sitting together in front of the tile wall because it reminds me of Italy! I also love the one with the date! Such a cute idea and your hair looks amazing! Great photos, everyone one!

  5. Shanna Pollack says:

    Georgeous pics!!! I love the silohette shot! Wow great work and a beautiful couple!!!!

  6. Tina says:

    What beautiful pictures!

  7. Michelle Coburn says:

    These pictures are amazing! I love all of them, but if I had to pick my favorites, they would be the first and last photos with the NY city backdrop! Tara looks so beautiful and Matt- such a handsome man! Gorgeous couple!

  8. Rob says:

    WOW These are really great photos. My favs are the first and the last with the city as a backgound. It’s such a dramatic setting being in Central Park with urban world surrounding you. Also like the second to the last with the yellow cab and bicycle in motion. The second shot is also great as it captures an genuine laugh between the two of you. Very nice

  9. Adam Batsakis says:

    Since I have to pick, the sixth picture down is my favorite. However, they are all amazing and you guys are so photogenic and look great together. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful future. Inspiring.

  10. Diane orloski says:

    Pictures are amazing. I love the first one…you guys should be on the cover of a magazine. The pic with bubble is really neat. Hard to believe that photoshop was not involved. Very talented photographer.

  11. Bob Orloski says:

    Tara and Matt….you both look great. I would definitely choose the very first pictture.

  12. Susan Cooney says:

    From a mom’s perspective…love all the pics. I’m sure you guys were the most beautiful subjects this photographer ever encountered. The first pic is my favorite.

  13. Diane Orloski says:

    I dont know what happened to my first post…disappeared. You guys look amazing. Magazine cover material. Great photographer. Love the first pic. Bubble without photoshop is amazing as well.

  14. Mildred Polk says:

    Lovely photographs and with New York City as the backdrop, you can’t miss!

  15. Lindsay Fletcher says:

    What an amazing photo series!!! They truly captured “life in the city.” Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  16. Nadine says:

    Love all the photos. It’s so hard to pick just ONE! If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the very first photo. The red dress on Tara and city lights are stunning.

  17. Rachel Molina says:

    I L.O.V.E. every picture! I have to say the last one is the best one to represent New York and Matt and Tara’s love for eachother. Beautiful photos!

  18. Krista says:

    I love them all! You look so beautiful!!! My favorite is the one of the background all blurry with you holding the date.

  19. Trish Corns says:

    So cool that you guys got to work in NYC!! Great photos. I think you guys just keep getting better and better. All the best for 2012!


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