Rick + Bernadette | Five Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

Mar 7, 2012

So, we finally did it! We got in front of the camera. Over the years, we have photographed many, many couples, and so many times after the shoot I think, “I wish we had photos like this of us.”  We got married almost 6 years ago, and we made the day about enjoying our guests and the wedding we had created. So, we didn’t really take much time out for photos. I absolutely loved my wedding dress and thought I should really get more mileage out of it 😉 So, we decided to ask two of our fabulous photographers, Lori and Cara to photograph us for our 5 year anniversary.

This location, the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, was a perfect location for us for many reasons.  For one, who doesn’t love these beautiful artifacts from another time? A slower time, a time before digital media, a time of farewells and letter writing, a time of exploration and adventure, a time of connection.  And who doesn’t wish she could be in one of those movie scenes where lovers are reunited at the train station? So romantic!

What’s so cool about this location, specifically, is that these fossils are out in the middle of nowhere. They are a couple miles from the Mexico border, surrounded by desert.  I feel like an archeologist happening upon an ancient civilization when I’m there! To me, trains just have a fascinating history. They are a symbol of adventure, expansion and connection…what better symbols for Rick and my twelve years together? It has certainly been an adventurous journey for us.  Starting in upstate New York, we’ve driven across the US a couple of times, lived and worked in Yosemite, traveled across Southern Africa, studied in the Dominican Republic, lived in London, tied the knot, started a business together and then experienced, the most profound of all journeys: pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood, which brings me to the second reason why this location was perfect for us.

Our three year old son, Dylan, has had an obsession with trains since he was about six months old and we would watch the trolley go by.  You know how most kids sleep with a stuffed animal, blankie, or other soft, squishy toy? Well, Dylan would sleep with a hard, plastic Thomas train in his fist!  Taking our photos at this location was a way to include Dylan, since he has been a monumental part of our journey together.

To put that wedding dress back on after everything we’ve experienced together and look over at this guy who has been there through all of this was kind of magical.  Yes, we are a little more sun damaged (I’d like to think of it as ‘aged,’ like a fine wine!) than we were on our wedding day, but we have a lot of depth to show for it.  I’ll take some wrinkles!  What a fun way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! And thank you to Lori and Cara for documenting this special time for us.


Photographers  |  Cara Goger and Lori Serocki

Makeup  |  Ann, Flirt Makeup

Hair  |  Renee Paris



  1. donna lee says:

    March 7, 2012. Bernadette and Rick; These absolutely beautiful photos of you two are making me cry.
    It seems like just yesterday when you were sharing your special day with us. What a beautiful piece you wrote here. Happy Anniversary. Love, Donna

  2. vanessa liguzinski says:

    You guys are amazing…such a great idea!


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