Funda + David I Istanbul

Aug 24, 2012

It’s Rick here, and I want to share some images from my recent shoot in Turkey. This was my first trip to Istanbul, and 10 days was nowhere near enough time to see (and taste) everything. Istanbul is a very culturally and architecturally eclectic place with such an amazing history, situated between Asia and Europe. It was an interesting experience to be surrounded by so much cultural, economic, religious and social history. Waking up each morning to the call to prayer, then going for a run through the city and the grounds of the Blue Mosque, followed by an incredible breakfast mezze was a perfect way to start each day.  I spent my days wandering through the streets of Cihangir, visiting some of the antique shops, traveling by water taxi, and watching fishermen as I walked along the river with my camera. (more photos to come soon)…

The wedding itself was really lovely.  It was at the Bosphorus Palace, which is located right on the Bosphorus River.  The day was the perfect blend of elegance and fun. It was great to see Funda and David were surrounded by their friends and family from near and far, as Funda is originally from Turkey and David is from England. They met at the London School of Economics where I was also a classmate of theirs. It’s so nice to see them years later making each other so happy. They are both so sincere and genuine, and they really do make a perfect pair.  I must thank Funda and David as well as their families for their generous hospitality and for extending an invitation to so many of their social gatherings before and after the wedding.  I know I will be returning to Istanbul in the future with Bernadette…



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