A Stroll Through Istanbul

Sep 6, 2012


Before even leaving for Istanbul, Rick and I knew that doing a shoot around the city was a MUST.  So a few days after their amazing wedding at the Bosphorous Palace, Rick met up with Funda and David for a stroll around the city.  The architecture around Istanbul is like a beautiful quilt made with pieces from some pretty remarkable times in the cultural and religious history of Eastern and Western Civilization.  This city just has so much to offer to a photographer in terms of visual variety.  So, the shoot started in Cihangir, the neighborhood where Funda and David live and where Rick stayed and spent most of his time in Istanbul. The narrow, cobblestone streets are home to antique shops and cafes.  The area is not touristy, and there are lots of artists and an all around bohemian vibe.  Rick spent hours in the antique shops and found many treasures that were just a little too big to take home (like that awesome field camera in the image above).  After strolling through Cihangir, they grabbed a cab to Dolmabache Palace, the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, built in the 1840’s.  This amazing palace is right across from another incredible sight, the Hagia Sofia.  This building has a fascinating history of being originally the home to the Greek Orthodox Church, then the center of the Roman Catholic Church and later a Mosque.  It is now a museum.  I love the shot Rick captured of Funda and David leaving the Palace with the Aya Sofia in the background.  So, the next stop on the Istanbul tour was Taksim Square, where Rick snagged the awesome shot of Funda and David with the trolley going by.  Then they were off to Soltanahmet, the old city of Istanbul where most of the historic sights are.  This is the area that was originally Constantinople.  They shot some photos at the Blue Mosque,  which is still used for worship.   They ended the session by the water of the Bosphorous. This is the strait that runs through Istanbul and separates Europe from Asia. And Rick captured that gorgeous shot of the couple by the water as the sun went down.  What a gorgeous couple! Funda and David look so happy and peaceful together, as a (very) newly married couple.  And they just look like they belong in these beautifully romantic scenes…

There really is no better way for Rick and I to experience a place then through our cameras. Funda and David made this possible, and I’m so grateful to them for the warm hospitality they extended to Rick during his stay.  I cannot wait to visit!



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