Avena + David | San Diego Botanic Gardens

Sep 21, 2012

We are so happy to share the images from this amazing couple’s day!  The setting was the incredible San Diego Botanic Gardens, where twisting trails take you through acres of plants, grasses, vines, bushes, flowers and trees from around the world. It really is an incredibly beautiful place. I fell in love with it when Rick and I took Dylan there for a site visit and found ourselves lost in happy thoughts as we wondered by waterfalls and plants that looked like sculptures. We were saying how we wished we could pitch a tent and spend the weekend there!  Avena has been visiting the gardens since she was a little girl in Encinitas, back when it was called the Quail Gardens.  In fact, Avena and David decided to keep every part of the wedding local, sourcing all of their vendors from Encinitas…pretty cool!

The ceremony was in the Walled Garden…an especially enchanted part of this green paradise.  I felt like I had stepped into the secret garden! Brought me back to my childhood 🙂  This garden was made even more magical when these two shared their vows together there.  The depth of Avena and David’s love is clearly something magical.  These guys seem to be on exactly the same page and just connected like the way your right and left hand are…two separate individuals that can work together so gracefully and effortlessly with a common intention.  I couldn’t think of a better profession for them than the one they have embarked upon. They are musicians and are creating music together as well as teaching and helping other people achieve their own dreams of making music.  It’s pretty awesome to see another couple who is doing what they are passionate about, together as a team 🙂

After the beautiful ceremony that inspired many happy tears, we switched gears (and location) to more lighthearted and playful, heading to the Children’s Garden for some photos with the wedding party. What a perfect location to kick off the party and celebrate!  The tree house is so awesome, and it was so fun to climb it and photograph the newlyweds there.  Speaking of fun, light-hearted and playful, you may have noticed the pink streaks in Avena’s hair. She has had at least some of her hair died pink since she was a teenager, so it’s become one of her defining traits over the years. How cool that she brought that into the wedding day! Such a unique touch.

My favorite part of this wedding day was the last dance, when Avena and David danced to an amazing song that they recorded together.  You see the photo below, but I really want you to hear them! So, I googled a video of them playing together…just to give you an idea of the talent and chemistry these two share.  Enjoy!  And congratulations again to Avena and David! Rick and I were honored to be there to document such a special day in your lives.  You guys are bound for many years of happiness!


Outside of the Walled Garden…Beautiful bride in the bamboo grove.Killer portrait Rick got of David…This has album cover written all over it! HahaAvena in the cottage watching as the ceremony begins…One happy Groom, seeing his bride for the first time.The eyes can sometimes say more than words can.Proud Parents of the bride.Another heartfelt moment. And, you get a glimpse of Avena’s pink streaks here!It is a magical garden! There’s even a fairy!Married!The Treehouse!I can’t get over this scene! I’m just waiting for a fairy to flutter by 😉Her expression and his hand say it all.Kissing in the tree fort…David with his wife and new sister.The last dance.


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    Love the black and white treatments. Excellent!


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