Jen and Brian | Mission Trails

Jan 11, 2013

Here are a few fun shots from a recent shoot at Mission Trails Regional Park. Living in San Diego, where we don’t have much of a Fall or Spring (or winter really), we get really excited when we see some Fall colors!  We fully embraced that by having Jen and Brian lie IN the leaves… and they were such troopers! Rick climbed the tree, as he is known to do when the opportunity presents itself, and he was able to capture this beautiful scene with Jen and Brian at the center.  We had so much fun on this shoot, which really just felt like a little hike with some cool people.  Brian and Jen are super down to earth and easy going…a perfect match for each other.  We are so looking forward to their wedding day, which I know will prove to be a great party!  And, they are getting married at the same venue where Rick and I were married almost seven years ago (The Japanese Friendship Gardens), which will make shooting there even more meaningful.  We really can’t wait!


  1. Karen says:

    My favorite of Jen and Brian is the 6th picture down, where they’re sitting in the leaves. They both look happy and content in their own little world, enjoying a quiet moment .


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