Megan + Trevor | On the Couch and Around the City

Jun 3, 2013

We’re excited to share these images from Megan and Trevor’s engagement shoot in San Diego.  We started off in Balboa Park, where these two marathoners often run, then we stopped off at the Spruce Street Bridge (that we had just discovered on Jess and Dave’s shoot- below) since it’s one of our new favorite discoveries.  After that we explored Megan and Trevor’s neighborhood of Little Italy, where we had a drink in Craft and Commerce, the uber hipster bar where they shared their first date.  We also stopped off in Megan and Trevor’s home to capture Megan and Trevor in their element – on the couch, reading the New York Times over a great cup of coffee.  This was my favorite location because it captures Megan and Trevor in the intimacy of their home…it tells us a little bit more about them. And it’s fitting that they are reading the paper together since they are a couple who believes in being connected and engaged in their local community and to the world at large.  This is a super dynamic couple who loves to explore and learn; to connect and most importantly, to laugh… we’re excited to see how Megan and Trevor are going to change the world.  There’s no doubt that they will.A peaceful moment on the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge (above).Megan and Trevor are always up for an adventure and didn’t even blink when we suggested they lie in the grass.  Thanks guys!I just love Megan’s expression here. Pure contentment.Ideal. I love that the couple in the adjacent booth is photographing Megan and Trevor.Enjoying a drink at their regular spot, Craft and Commerce.I just love the simplicity of this image.  When we ask couples where they like to spend time together, many of them say ‘on the couch.’  But no one ever wants photos of it.  I absolutely LOVE that Megan and Trevor thought to actually take photos of them on their couch, because [1] their living room is just visually striking and [2] it shows how everything you really need to be happy is right there (don’t forget the importance of the coffee)!



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