Maddy + Leonard | Strolling Through Bazaar del Mundo

Jun 26, 2013

Enjoy these images from the stroll we took with Maddy and Leonard through Old Town.  I just love the vibrant scenes especially since these two were equally vibrant in them.  As you can see in these photos, Maddy and Leonard have a great sense of humor and an equally awesome sense of style. Check out the killer stache that Leonard is rocking!  And Maddy is just gorgeous.  Thanks for an awesome shoot, Maddy and Leonard. We’re really looking forward to the wedding!


  1. jazz says:

    I absolutely love ALL the photos . The 7th photo from the top is so vibrant. The blue hues in the pic pop out and I love the windchimes. The last photo is very beautiful and the stars dangling is symbolic of the love shown between Mad and Leo..simply gorgeous!

  2. Cathryn Sali says:

    I love the last photo!! So romantic and festive!!

  3. Kris says:

    All great photos! I love the photo when Leo is laughing into Maddy’s ear. Congrats guys!

  4. Jen says:

    I like the last photo of Madelyn & Leonard. “Starlight Kiss!” Super cute!

  5. Noriza L. says:

    I’m Leonard’s youngest sister and a bridesmaid in their wedding, and I first want to say that you did an awesome job capturing the happiness these two put out. With that said, picking a favorite is quite difficult. I absolutely love the ones where my brother is making Mads laugh because that’s them everyday. Scanning through the photos again I really can’t pick just one! So I will mention my favorites.

    (Starting from the top)
    Photo 1: I love their expressions. You can see my bros awesome stach and Mads great smile. I especially like the color contrast of their blue clothes against the rusty copper in the back.
    Photo 3: The picture is just so sweet! Plus I love anything with brick.
    Photo 6: Probably my most favorite. They love to dance and have fun. This picture captures all of that.
    Photo 12: GORGEOUS! What an amazing store to find! It feels vintage and alive. With them kissing its like they’re lighting up the room.

    Like I said, I couldn’t pick just one. They are all amazing! Great job!

  6. martha v says:

    This is absolutely the most adorable pictures ever! You two are soooo cuuuuute i just want to squish you! Maddy girl…you are looking HOT….sssssssssssizzling ^_^

  7. martha v says:

    Photo 11: is my favorite<3


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