Heather and Andy’s Wedding | Del Mar

Apr 22, 2014

0001 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticEnjoy some moments from Heather and Andy’s beautiful wedding day in Del Mar. The skies were blue.  The setting was stunning.  The mood was excited.  The drinks were plentiful. The dress…amazing!  The guests…fun.  The music…rockin’.  And most importantly, Heather and Andy were glowing. 0002 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticRuffles and lace.0003 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticEyes.0004 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe flower girls see the bride in her dress.0005 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticBeautiful palette.0006 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticGetting primped is hard work…0007 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticA page from a book that was in the library, where Andy was getting ready.  0009 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticStriped socks and a crock head that appeared again at the reception photo booth.0010 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe Groom0011 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe Bride0012 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe ‘first look.’0014 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThis was the general vibe of the day.0015 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticHeather’s heirloom ring, given to her by her Mother for the wedding day.  When Heather was a little girl, she used to sneak into her Mom’s jewelry box and try the ring on.0016 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe Coaster0017 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe view from the ceremony.0018 Destination Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0020 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticWalking down the aisle can be daunting…0021 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe rings have been delivered.0022 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticCeremony0023 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticVows0024 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticBride’s parents0025 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe flower girl.0030 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe Guys0031 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticJust stunning bride.0032 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticVeil in the wind0033 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticThe drink of choice for the day: Moscow Mule.0034 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticFirst speech as husband and wife.0035 Destination Wedding Photographer Photojournalistic0036 Destination Wedding Photographer PhotojournalisticVenue  | L’Auberge Del Mar
Coordinator  |  Elizabeth Galloway , L’Auberge
Florist  |   Jennifer Cole Floral Design
Cake  |  Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
Musicians and DJ  |  Tim Altbaum Productions
Hair and Makeup  |  Tiffany Monday

Videographer  |  Cambellicious


  1. Heather Cracchiolo says:

    We are so excited to see these images from our apecial day and cannot wait to hear everyone’s favorites and why! Thank you Bernadette and Rick for capturing the essence of our day perfectly!

  2. Lindsey Smith says:

    Wow, stunning photos.
    They all share such a beautiful part of the day and the energy behind it.
    To try to pick just a few is tough, but here they are:
    1 – couple in sunlight
    3 – bride’s eyes (wowza!)
    4 – kids in awe
    12 – bride and groom giggles
    18 – ring bearer smiles
    19 & 20 – ceremony and vows
    21 – family
    22- guys
    23 – breathtaking bride
    26 – first speech
    28 – dancing (awesome moment captured.)
    Hope that helps!
    Love them all:)

  3. jennifer says:

    I love them all! The photographers are great!

  4. daniel walsh says:

    Seriously, these are ALL GREAT!Every shot captures the overall great feeling felt by everyone who was lucky enough to share that day with you two…..Love em’ all!

  5. Mom says:

    The Pictures are all so special.I feel so proud to be the Mother of the Bride, and a beautiful bride you were. The picture with you wearing Grandma’s ring brought tears to my eyes. It was like she was there with us. The children’s pictures were all so precious. Where did the guys get the pink socks? How cool was that!

    I think my favorite picture is you and Andy with the first look. It says everything…your love for each other and how I know your love is forever. My second favorite is Veil in the Wind. Just BEAUTIFUL…..

    Love you both.

  6. Amy says:

    All of these photos are amazing and you all look so happy and fabulous! I would have to say my favorites include the one at the very top, the one with the train going by and I love the candid smiles in the speech photo. (it’s really hard to narrow it down!) Keep smiling you two crazy kids! xoxo

  7. I loved all the pictures. My cousin is a wonderful person and so is her new husband.

  8. marianne mago says:

    Not sure how to pick! The first veil shot is a picture that will grace your walls for the rest of your life!!! It is perfect. It is so beautiful I have looked at it over and over again.
    I am partial to the children in these photos and feel grateful for these pictures that I will cherish forever!

    Love the guys on the beach and the first speech together as Mr. and Mrs. So wonderful, candid and warm. The warmth shines through the images.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Phew! so exciting – need more! Want to see father daughter etc!

  9. Maria Losolla says:

    All of them are amazing!!! The bride looks stunning and you can feel the love through the lense. My top 1 is veil in the wind, no. 2 first look. Congrats again, you both are perfect for each other!!

  10. Lachelle says:

    Loved the pictures. Your photographer did a wonderful job capturing a beautiful wedding. Congrats again!

  11. Amber Skalsky says:

    First look…Dancing…Vows! They are all so amazing! And capture the day, and the bride and grooms so well!

    I think I have to go with the coaster as my favorite. Perfect image depicting how quickly life goes by, but you have to stop and cherish the amazing moments with the ones you love. Something Heather and Andy do so well!

    Truly love them all!

  12. Colleen Pyra says:

    HOLY MOLY! These are absolutely amazing. Stunning, stunning, stunning. I can feel the excitement and emotion in each photo.

  13. Dana says:

    Oh my gosh, these are amazing!! Just gorgeous!! The very first one with the veil in the wind is just unreal. I also love the first speech one, such a sweet, warm moment that they captured. All of these pictures are just PERFECT 🙂

  14. Alexandra O'Brien says:

    Heather- you are absolutely stunning! It was such a beautiful evening! Love you!!!

  15. Amy Jo Poulsen-Barber says:

    Amazing Photos. All So Beautiful! Congratulations to You Both!

  16. Jane Vander Vliet says:

    Heather – all your pictures are simply amazing. You and Andy look so happy and you are such a beautiful bride. I also love the picture of the veil in the wind as my #1 (the first one). Other favorites: the flower girls in their robes seeing you in your dress, general vibe of the day and the first speech. Congratulations again to a beautiful couple!

  17. Kelsee says:

    This is so cute and beautiful ❤️


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