A cool afternoon in Carlsbad

May 15, 2014

0001 Wedding Photographer San Diego PhotojournalisticWe had a blast exploring the cute beach town of Carlsbad with Remy and Travis.  These guys were so fun-loving and had such great chemistry, which shows in the images.  They brought Travis’ father’s VW Bus, which was so fun to shoot!  This van is a quintessential Southern California surfer vehicle as well as an awesome camper!  One of the sweetest moments on the shoot (there were many) was when Travis wrapped the blanket around Remy and held her close to keep her warm, as the rain came down at the end of the shoot.  0002 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0003 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0004 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0005 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0006 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0007 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0008 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0010 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0011 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0012 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic0013 Wedding Photographer San Diego Photojournalistic


  1. Carla Keel says:

    My favorite is the first one with the VW bus with the beach and the birds in the background. So sweet.

  2. Trey Keel says:

    Wow, these are wonderful engagement photos! You two are SO BEAUTIFUL and look really, really, happy!! I love you both and can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂


  3. Remy says:

    Thank you, Narrative Images! The pictures turned out great. You are both SO talented! We weren’t sure about doing engagement photos at first, but now we are so happy we did 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Awww! You look so so beautiful Remy. These are adorable!`

  5. Keren says:

    you look gorgeous Remy! these pictures came out amazing!! love it! 🙂

  6. Hayley Gough says:

    Love ALL of these photos, especially the ones in front of and next to the Westy! You two photograph so well together.

  7. Kelly Gough says:

    Love the photos! You guys are so cute together. I really liked the playful photos on the beach especially when Travis was swinging Remy. Such genuine happiness. They make me smile.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Love these you two!! My favorite is the top one!

  9. Steve Gough says:

    Wow! What great photos.I absolutely love the photos next to our Westy Bus. The Bus has never looked better! Also the 5th photo down from the top, the black and white of Travis and Remy looking at each other smiling really captures the joy and love they have for one another.

  10. Amaris says:

    So adorable. I love them all! So happy for you 2!

  11. Sarah says:

    I especially love the spinning one! 🙂

  12. Melissa says:

    Hard to make a decision when there are so many that are cute. I like the one with the Van and the black and white with Remy’s hair blowing a little.

  13. Luke Keel says:

    You guys are so happy – I love it! Thank you to the photographer for the great shots.

  14. Daddy (Remy's) :-) says:

    I love the Hula Girl pic. Kind of a family thing. Carla will know.

  15. Max says:

    Looking good you two! Can’t wait for you to join the family Remy!

  16. […] venue against this expansive backdrop of the ocean and sky.Married!The legendary VW bus that was at Remy and Travis’ engagement session made an appearance at the wedding.Sunset down by the water.Definitely one of the most incredible […]


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