Del Mar Coastal Wedding

Jan 14, 2016

Just like Katelyn and Andrew did for their engagement session at Lake Cuyamaca, they chose another picture perfect backdrop filled with natural beauty to celebrate their love on their wedding day.  The coastal scene in Del Mar reflected the beautiful love that was beaming from this gorgeous couple.  The ceremony and reception took place at the stunning L’Auberge Del Mar Spa and Resort.  Everything was gorgeous and Katelyn and Andrew were grounded and relaxed as they prepared to share their vows in front of their family and closest friends.  Below are some of our favorite moments from the day.0002Over the months before the wedding day, Andrew and his father built the gazebo that Katelyn and Andrew would be married under.  They assembled it the morning of the wedding, with the sun beaming down, and it will find it’s permanent home in Andrew and Katelyn’s back yard.  Amazing!00030004The shoes0005The gorgeous bride0006Bridesmaid bouquet0007That back… just beautiful.0008Katelyn’s bouquet0009Katelyn’s mother’s priceless reaction as her daughter and husband walk down the aisle.0010Pure joy.0011Andrew’s reaction to seeing his soon to be wife walk down the aisle to him.0012Married!0013Andrew and his Father sharing a moment after the ceremony.0014The rings0015The newlyweds0016The obligatory selfie with the wedding party0017So much joy and laughter on this day!0018Del Mar Train Station0019Katelyn glowing in black and white0020A kiss by the coaster0021Sunset under the gazebo0022The reception decor included just the perfect blend of organic and sparkly elements… and plenty of candle light.0023Father Daughter dance0024Katelyn’s mother and brother watching the Father Daughter dance. There are so many stories in this image.0025Andrew and his mother share a dance.0026

Venue  |  L’Auberge Del Mar

Coordinator  |  Red Letter Events

Florist  |  Francos Flowers 

Hair + Makeup  |  Victoria McGrath with Vixavage Makeup Artistry

Officiant  |  Ryan Wiggins

Musician  |  Gary Rich

DJ  |  Fishfonics


  1. Nicole Keeton says:

    Such an AMAZING wedding and SOOOO many great moments captured! It is impossible to say which one is my favorite; too many to choice from!

  2. Lucia Sears says:

    My favorite is the last minute train picture! So random and yet so perfect!

  3. Dani says:

    Such a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding!! I love the way each picture tells a story. I am in awe of the top photo with the couple running on the beach with Katelyn’s veil blowing in the wind. Just stunning!! I also love the couple smiling and laughing with their wedding party behind them. I am sure it will be tough not to frame all of these photos in their house. Xo, Dani

  4. Cameron Holloway says:

    Can I pick two?! I love the one of Kate walking down the aisle with her Dad towards Andrew, and the one immediately after of Andrew’s expression watching Kate walk towards him … Beautiful people. Beautiful day. Beautiful love.

  5. Michelle Lindsay says:

    I LOVE the picture of my mom and brother. She looks so happy. This was a great moment at the wedding.

    Thank you for all the amazing memories!!


  6. Amanda Capaldi says:

    These are some of the BEST wedding photographs I have ever seen. It’s impossible to choose just one. I adore them all! Such incredible moments captured forever. So happy for you both, Katelyn and Andrew! We love you!

  7. Monica Sears says:

    Seriously, your pictures are all amazing from the engagement photos to the wedding, you captured everything perfectly. It does help that the bride (my best friend since 4) and groom are stunning themselves of course! My favorite is the train photo, the timing and the blurred image behind them is perfect. I also love the sunset pic under the pergola that Andrew and his dad built. Amazing job!!!! – Monica

  8. My favorite picture is Mom and Brother watch Father Daughter dance, because I’m the Mom and it was a very special moment! So sweet because we surprised Katie with the song and her reaction was priceless. Such a magical day 🙂

  9. Shawn Koutahi says:

    Incredible photos that really captured the essence of the special day and night, best photo has to be the Sunset under the Gazebo. Simple and perfect.

  10. Kylah Furman says:

    Such an amazing day for two amazing people who also happen to be very beautiful and therefore I love all of the pictures! If I had to choose I would have to say I love the “Just Married” photo of Katelyn and Andrew which exudes the pure joy and love they have for one another!


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