Aydin and Ilyas

Jun 18, 2011

Last week, we had the honor of photographing these newborn twin boys during their first week at home.  Rick and I were so awed by these new little lives.  They each had such distinctly unique personalities, yet they were undeniably connected in a very intimate way.  When we laid them next to each other, they sucked each others fingers as if they were their own (as you can see in the image below).  Then they tossed and turned and fussed a little (in unison) until they found each others hands. They then fell asleep sweetly together (after some back and forth vocalizations).  After the shoot, Rick and I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it would be to start your life in the womb with someone by your side. And then to go though your whole childhood together – what a gift.  I’m undoubtedly sure that raising twin babies takes a lot of hard work and energy, but I can’t even imagine how incredible the rewards must be to witness these lives grow and develop together.



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