Ethéry + David | Anniversary Shoot

Feb 10, 2013

When Ethéry and David contacted us about doing an anniversary shoot, we were thrilled. It’s just really cool to be able to document the depth that is there in a couple’s eyes after spending so many years together.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  Ethéry and David chose to do the shoot in La Jolla because that is where they were married over 25 years ago.  They also renewed their vows for their ten year anniversary not far from where these photos were taken. To make the shoot even more of a visual story of their relationship, we encouraged Ethéry and David to bring their beloved motorcycle to the shoot, since they spend their days off exploring the open roads on their bike.  The last photo here has to be one of my favorites, as it documents the fun energy of these free spirits! Congratulations to Ethéry and David on their anniversary! We hope we are as happy together as you two look and have as much fun as you two do when we are celebrating our 25th anniversary!



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