Jess and Brian | Downtown and Point Loma

Feb 15, 2013

Some couples have a chemistry that is just radiant. Here is one of them. Meet Jess and Brian.  We had such a blast with them, walking through the Gaslamp and then to a little Point Loma beach. They are really sweet and easy going and so, so in love! They could not stop smiling the entire shoot. I’m not talking about a posed photo smile, but a real authentic smile where the eyes are smiling and you can see that they are just really content.  And I can see why they are!  They seem to adore each other.  We are so happy we get to work with them, and we hope you enjoy checking out some moments from our shoot together.


  1. Katie says:

    Jessica and Brian’s photos!

    My two favorite pictures would be the one of the 2 in the middle of the road kissing. Very unique and fun! My second favorite would be where it looks like there in the city with people surrounding them. I love Jessica’s smile while lady next to her is holding roses:)

    -Katke Olson

  2. Jess says:

    Thank you Bernadette and Rick!! We love them and you guys are so wonderful to work with. We can’t wait for the wedding. I think my favorite is us on the trail. You caught us in a really natural moment. I also love the black and white photo on the beach- such a soft look

  3. annie says:

    I love the one of them in the middle of the busy street! Its a really beautiful action shot. They look so comfortable, you can feel the love between them! and of course the lady with the red roses adds a beautiful touch. Its too hard to pick a favorite they are all beautiful and so sincere!

  4. Della says:

    I love the engagement pictures of Jess and Brian. What a cool couple they are. Their love for one another is so obvious. The picture of them on the beach draws you in. It makes me so happy to see them so happy. I feel the photographer captured their joy. I can’t wait until the wedding and the beautiful pictures we will get to see. Great photography!

  5. My two favorites are Jess turning from Brian by brick wall and on the street with people and roses. I like these the best because I see their faces more clearly.

  6. John LeBlanc says:

    I thought the series of pictures were amazing. My favorite picture is with Jess and Brian standing in a crowd next to the women with flowers. It captured their happiness and glow plus has a very natural look. Second is the picture of them sitting in a walkway by the flowers. It shows a fun playful moment that does not look staged. Now on to the wedding.

  7. Caitlin McCarthy says:

    I think my favorite is of Jess and Brian kissing in the middle of the street! It’s very cute and they look very happy!! 🙂

  8. Frances says:

    I’ll have to second a few other people because my favorite picture is the one of Jess and Brian in the crowd with the roses. They look so natural and happy. I really like all the shots with the green dress, it was a great color and shows up really well in the pictures. 🙂


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