Honoring an ordinary moment

Jan 20, 2014



Last week, we were hanging out in our neighborhood at dusk. Dylan was riding his bike (a skill he acquired a few months ago that was recently endorsed by Santa, who brought him a new bike).  Rick and I were running alongside Dylan when I saw this scene unfold as Rick helped Dylan up the hill.  Something about the gesture of Rick reaching out to help Dylan (who is becoming increasingly independent) and the way their silhouettes surfaced at the crest of the hill, alongside the electric lines and lampposts caught my eye.  It was just an ordinary moment, but I’ve found since I’ve become a mother that sometimes the most ordinary moments can spark a little introspection or cause me to feel a sense of peace, a sense of being at home.  This scene did just that, and I had no camera on me (who runs with a camera?!). I could have just let it pass, but I feel that these ordinary, every day moments often get overlooked or forgotten. I wanted to take this photo to remember this moment and the introspection it generated. So, I ran home and got the SLR and ran down the street to meet back up with the guys, where I then took this photo.  It’s just a little reminder of how precious and fleeting those everyday moments are… and how worthy they are of our attention.


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