Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding | Duong and David

Jul 7, 2015

Duong and David spent their wedding day smiling, laughing and surrounded by their family and friends on the bluff at Scripps Beach in La Jolla.  The colors were bright, the mood was fun….the sky was blue, the drinks were flowing.  This is a wedding you would love to be a guest at! But photographing it is even better, because we got to observe and capture all of those in-between moments that we may have missed if we were there as guests.  Beautiful wedding, Duong and David!  It’s very clear that you have a strong community of friends and family, and that combined with the love and admiration you clearly have for each other is going to lead to a lifetime of fun and happiness together.

Check out their amazing highlights video here: Great work, Omnistories!0002Duong’s other main man checks out the progress of her makeup.0003Duong at the window of her suite at La Valencia, soaking in the expansive view of La Jolla Cove.0004This is my favorite portrait of David from the day.  This image just captures his personality perfectly.0005Many drinks were enjoyed on this day.  Champagne being one of them. Whiskey being another.0006The Groomsmen.0007These socks are just too cool.0008We had fun with Duong’s veil and the wind.0009The lovely bridesmaids.0010Duong and David at UCSD, a place that played a significant role in their story.0011The shoes. The rings. 0012All of the guys were superheroes on the day!0013A sweet moment during the ceremony.  Love Duong’s expression here.  It says so much.0014David’s Mom during the ceremony. Again, her expression says it all.0015Exchanging rings.0016A sweet moment under the pier after the ceremony.0017“For richer. For poorer.” Lottery tickets for the guests.0018“In sickness and in health” hangover kits for the guests.  0019Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success.

Venue  |  Scripps Seaside Forum

Getting Ready Venue  |  La Valencia Hotel

Coordination  |  Love is in the Details Events

Florist  |  Duyen & Trang Nguyen

Hair and Makeup  |   Makeup by Dorie and Jeannette Kienbaum with Trendsetter Salon

Catering  |  Coast Catering

Videographer  |  Omnistories

DJ  |  Mike Kechup with JMC Events

Bakery  |  Twiggs Bakery and Sweet Cheeks (Grooms Cake)


  1. Gail Henry (Mom) says:

    I love all the photographs and believe you did an excellent job. While you were at the event, I never sensed you were even there taking pictures or even video taping. I just love the Wedding Highlights video and have watched it so many times. It still gives me goosebumps each time I watch it. I can’t wait to see all the pictures because I know all of them are going to be as outstanding and creative as what I’ve seen so far! Thank you for such a job well done!

  2. Duong says:

    You guys are ridiculously talented and purely incredible! Thank you so much for capturing our special day and all the wonderful moments that we will cherish forever. I love that you captured Coti on his hind legs with the superman cape on- so awesome! It was such a pleasure working with you! We LOVE you guys and all your work! We can’t thank you enough! Xoxoxo

  3. Leslie says:

    LOVE the last shot! It so perfectly captures the fun-loving personalities of both Du and David. They are always making each other smile and laugh, they really know how to have fun with each other and that’s something that is going to carry them through life together!

  4. Jinny Min says:

    The details of the decorations caught in the pictures are beautiful. This photographer seems to have a wonderful ability to capture the happiness from everyone’s faces.

  5. Kim says:

    Narrative images… you guys are really great by captures every moments on their wedding day pictures.. Very organized n details.. Love all the pictures..

  6. Katie p says:

    My favorite is the one under the pier!!!! I absolutely adore it.

  7. Trang says:

    I love all the pictures taken! So creative and beautifully taken!

  8. David Smith says:

    For some reason I assumed that the groom shouldn’t be commenting on the event but my amazing wife has just let me know otherwise. Better half is already teaching me something. So yeah…BEST DAY EVER!!! I loved the laid back vibe that was present throughout the entire day. Normally I’m a hot mess talking in-front of a bunch of people. This was the first time I wasn’t nervous. I can only assume that was because of all the love in the room 🙂 POPS!!! Thank you for capturing Duong’s beauty for us and doing your best to make me look like I deserve to be with such a lovely woman.

  9. Farid says:

    With pictures like these, question is : why weren’t you two wearing super hero shirts/socks also??
    Amazing job with utmost professionalism (lost count of how many times Rick turned down bourbon shots)!!

    Coti asked me to blog this “please photo shop the leash out of the picture so it looks like I’m ready to take off and fly, and not like I’m being hung instead.”

  10. Kirstine W says:

    The captured moments are great! Had a great time with the wedding party and Narrative Images played a key role in making things roll smoothly during the day. They made the wedding that much more fun to be a part of.


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