Fairmont Grand Del Mar Engagement Session

Aug 30, 2017

Megan and Zach tie the knot this weekend, so we wanted to take a minute to toast to their wedding! Zach proposed to Megan at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, so it was the perfect location for their engagement session. When we arrived, they were dancing while enjoying a chilled glass of white wine on the balcony.  They are so excited to start this next chapter of their lives together, and you can tell that they are enjoying every minute of it.  The session ended with a walk on the beach in Del Mar…because it would be a shame not to end a great date with a sunset walk on the beach!

To us, the engagement session is a beautiful opportunity to tell a part of your story, and it also serves as a snapshot of who you are as a couple at this point in your lives.  Our hope is that in the future, you will look back on your engagement photos and see the freshness of your love and the excitement you had to share your lives together…and that you will be able to connect to those feelings so that they last forever.  So that’s our toast to Megan and Zach:  May you always share the love and excitement that you have for each other in these photos!  Cheers to dancing and enjoying a glass of wine together with a view!

Here they are, enjoying a moment at the spot where he proposed and she said, “yes!”


  1. Brittany Wilson says:

    What a beautiful couple! Your engagement photos are so wonderful & I do hope the memories last you both a lifetime. So happy and grateful to be a part of this special day!

  2. Brendan Hawkins says:

    This are great photos. Amazing! I am super excited for today!

  3. Matthew Sproson says:

    Very nice story, beautiful words and pictures! Congrats to both of you. Can’t wait to celebrate!

  4. Jason says:

    That dude is definitely marrying up! ;)~


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