La Jolla Summer Wedding at the Historic Darlington House

Nov 9, 2017

Maria and David celebrated their wedding at the historic Darlington House in La Jolla.  This intimate estate and garden was the perfect setting to celebrate the love and commitment of this amazing couple. As you can see in the images below, the love and affection that Maria and David have for one another is palpable and only rivaled by the love and admiration they had coming from their family and friends.  Maria’s sister officiated their ceremony, and it was one of the most genuine and meaningful ceremonies we have ever witnessed…not to mention funny too!  The live music accompaniment was the perfect pairing to this heartfelt ceremony (Thanks Caprice Strings for sharing your talent).

During this day, many laughs were had.  Food was savored (cheers to Toast on an incredible menu and execution of it). Drinks were enjoyed.  Flowers were admired (lovely work, Camelia Wedding Flowers!).  Cake was devoured, due to the yummy and beautiful creations of Sweet Cheeks Bakery.   And the dancing by guests of all ages did not disappoint…especially when Maria and her three sisters busted out their breakin’ skills and danced the worm in unison.  Thanks for keeping the dance party going strong all night, DJ Shy.  Everything was beautiful and went off without a hitch due to the planning and incredible attention to detail by Jessica with Creative Affairs. Thomas Wedding Cinema captured the day’s moments in motion and A Toast to Beauty made Maria and her ladies sparkle.

Not only will this be a day that Maria and David and all of their guests will remember. But, we will never forget this wedding day and all of the genuine moments of joy that it was made up of.  Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to tell the story of this unforgettable day, Maria and David!

Maria’s dress hangs in one of the historic bedrooms of the Darlington House.

David straightens his tie before the ceremony.

The wedding bands rest on the antique glass desk at the Darlington House.

David takes a moment to soak it all in before heading to the ceremony.

Maria’s mother holds the veil her daughter will wear.  It was Maria’s great grandmother’s veil and has been worn by different women in the family over the years.

Maria shining with joy before the ceremony

Maria and David spend some time together before the ceremony.

Maria’s bouquet

Maria’s father sees his daughter in her dress before the ceremony.

Maria’s expression says it all.

Maria’s mother prepares the lasso for her daughter and new son in law during this beautiful age-old tradition that symbolizes everlasting union.

A proud father looks on as his daughter reads her wedding vows.

A wedding guest is distracted…in style.

Table setting in the gardens.

Maria and David embrace during their first dance as husband and wife.

Maria and her sisters break out the worm…in perfect unison.



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