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May 2, 2020

The Darlington House: A Private Romantic Garden Estate for your Wedding in La Jolla

We’re noticing a theme in the San Diego wedding venues that we love the most…they tend to be intimate spaces and are either by the ocean or surrounded by trees and plants. The Darlington House in La Jolla, California checks both boxes.  Nestled in a residential neighborhood in La Jolla, just a short walk to La Jolla Cove, this garden estate is the perfect wedding venue for a couple that wants a private garden wedding. Rich in history, the venue offers a romantic ambiance and a space that is lovely beyond measure.  When you’re inside, you’ll feel as if you have been transported to an English estate, and when you walk outside, you will feel like you’ve stepped into a garden patio in Spain. 

About the Darlington House

Once the seasonal home of Mrs. Sybil Darlington, the venue is an unforgettable and beautiful space dating back to 1925. Combining the design of three architects, the home was designated by the San Diego Historical Site Board in the Register of Historic Landmarks in 1995. 

When your guests enter the first floor, no doubt they will be in awe of the unique blend of architectural elements that surrounding them. The foyer boasts an Italianate chandelier and a grand staircase. Walk through the living room onto the Egyptian patio, where you’ll see a beautiful fountain encompassed by greenery. We especially love the Andalusian Patio, which echoes the style of southern Spain. Continue on into the warmly decorated library, followed by the brick patio of the Rose Garden, featuring a flower display that is just perfect for first look photos.

Before the Wedding

The entire bridal party can relax before the event in the sun-drenched Upstairs Suites. We love capturing the anticipation of the hours ahead in this peaceful space as you connect with the people closest to you who are a part of your special day.

Wedding Ceremony Spaces

The Darlington House offers several ceremony spaces to choose from based on your number of guests. You can exchange vows on the Andalusian Patio which seats 80 guests and offers views of the Rose Garden. On the Egyptian Patio, guests will also enjoy the backdrop of the Rose Garden as they watch you tie the knot. With a fountain and Egyptian tile lining its pool, this space can seat up to 125 people.  Larger ceremonies of up to 200 people can be held in the Rose Garden, with plenty of roses and azaleas in the lovely background. Small, intimate ceremonies of 50 people or less can be held in the Library, with its impressive Moroccan fireplace and dark wooden bookcases. Or, choose to have your small, intimate ceremony of 50-60 guests in the Living and Dining Areas, seated theater-style or accommodated at tables. No matter which area you choose, the surroundings make for stunning settings that are intimate and private.

Wedding Reception Spaces

The reception can be held in the Rose Garden, with 200 people seated at tables enjoying the light fragrance of their surroundings. Hold a cozy reception for 32 people or less in the Library, or enjoy a reception for 50 people or less in the Living and Dining areas, where guests can enjoy the space as they would a private residence, relaxing in armchairs, or in front of the inviting fireplace.

What we love about the Darlington House

To us, gardens are just romantic places, and this one is no exception. What we love the most about the Darlington House is the intimacy of the space. When you fill the patio with your guests against the backdrop of the gorgeous Spanish architectural details and the plants and trees wrapped around the periphery of the space, you can’t help but feel a sense of comfort and warmth. It just feels like home. To be honest, we kind of want to have another wedding, just so we can celebrate with our friends and family in this amazing space!

Also, when you book your wedding at the Darlington House, you have the flexibility to choose your caterer from a list of recommended vendors.  We love the freedom that this gives you to select the food that is the perfect choice for the experience you want to create for your guests.  Also, one thing to keep in mind for this venue is the unique parking situation. Since the Darlington House is a residential neighborhood, we recommend hiring a valet company to manage the parking for you guests.

A wedding at the Darlington House is an experience that you and your guests will remember forever. The space provides the perfect surroundings that allow you and your guests to relax and to celebrate in a unique atmosphere that feels like an eclectic destination at the same time that it feels warm and comfortable, just like home.

Some of the weddings shown were coordinated by Creative Affairs and the food you see was catered by Guiseppe Restaurants and Catering



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