Three tips for choosing what to wear on your engagement session

May 28, 2020

1- Choose outfits that express who you are. Don’t try to look like someone else or fit the mold of what you see on a blog or in a magazine. When you look back at these images later in life, they should bring you back to who you were when the photos were taken. If you like to dress on trend, dress on trend. But, if you like to dress with a bohemian flare don’t feel like you need to wear more formal clothes because you see other people doing it. Go full bohemian and own it! These photos are about the two of you and your story.

2- Consider your location. Select outfits that fit your location. When selecting outfits for an urban shoot, you may want to lean towards more bold/bright colors and styles. If you’re shoot is on the beach, a flowy dress may work better than a cocktail dress. This doesn’t mean you always have to be practical, though. Rules are meant to be broken! Sometimes the contrast of formal wear in a natural setting can be beautiful. But do make sure that your shoes are practical. If your shoot is on the beach, leave the heels at home and go for the sandals.

3- Subtly coordinate your outfits. You definitely don’t need to match. But, it’s a good idea to coordinate your outfits so that they work well together. We recommend you avoid one of you being in black and one in white. Other than that, it’s a blank canvas. Having trouble deciding between outfit combos? Try lying the two outfits out on the bed and taking pictures and comparing pictures of different combos. This isn’t always the case, but it often works well when you have one of you in a pattern and one in a solid.




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