Project KitchenAid

Sep 2, 2020

Somewhere in the middle of the shelter in place order, our son discovered his passion for cooking and baking. With all of the extra free time at home, he started watching cooking videos on TikTok and Youtube, and he decided that he wanted a Kitchenaid. We told him that he would have to earn it, so together we came up with the idea of doing a bake sale. He took a few photos of some delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies he had made, and I posted them on Facebook to see if any of our friends would want to order a dozen “crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside cookies” with free delivery. We hoped for 10-15 orders… Aaaaand we got 60 orders. He ended earning enough money to cover the Kitchenaid and all of the costs of the ingredients and was able to donate extra profits to Feeding America. Here’s a link to a video on his project.




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