Our Quarantine Life | Part II

Jul 2, 2020

By the end of April, after sheltering in place for 5 weeks, we ventured out of our cave to visit the world outside. I got the kids in the car without a plan, and I just drove. I’m not surprised that we ended up at the coast. We knew beaches were closed, but we just wanted to see the ocean. So, we drove to Pacific Beach and then up Mt. Soledad to get a view of the Pacific. The rest of the month included a lot of delicious meals made by our son, who discovered his passion for cooking and baking (lucky us). Cooking and baking became a therapeutic outlet for our him to counteract the stress of schooling from home.

During COVID quarantine, kids explore a view of the Pacific Ocean
Making avocado toast
Mother’s Day tea
My Mother’s Day “Keesh.”
A visit from our neighbors, from a distance.




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